Essay about how television has destroyed communication

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Television has destroyed communication among friends and family Essay Sample

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Poor Communication Kills

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Some people believe that television has demolished communication among friends and family. In my opinion, however, the opposite is true. Television can increase communication.

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Essay on Television Has Destroyed Communication Among Friends and Family In most peoples opinion television is one of the most important current inventions. It is a good educator, because it provides people with new and useful information and knowledge.

The Poor Communication Kills trope as used in popular culture. According to many anthropologists, one of the turning points in human development was a.

Television has served many needs of people. But, unfortunately, it has destroyed communication among friends and family. The reasons are that people are getting maximum information, enter- tainment and time pass throug h various channels.

I will explain these reasons in det ail further in my essay.

Essay about how television has destroyed communication
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