How to write a good feature story

How To Write A Treatment

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Writing a Newspaper Article

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What are good topics to write for a feature article?

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Feature Leads

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How to Write a Pitch

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3- AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT AN7 ISSUE When writing a feature article that is an in- depth look at an issue you can take little extra time to do research on the topic you want to write about and conduct interviews to go beyond the basic news story.

Story mapping: The first step requires exploration of all possible angles. For instance, if you are writing a news feature on hotel discotheques or discos as they are popularly known in India then you first need to make a list of issues involving discos.

Writing a blog post is a little like driving; you can study the highway code (or read articles telling you how to write a blog post) for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

The main idea of Writage is providing opportunity to write in Markdown to those who like Microsoft Word. There are lots of Markdown editors such as iA Writer, Texts, WriteMonkey or Byword and online Markdown writing services, like StackEdit, Dillinger or Markable for people who like to have minimalistic, distraction-free interface.

National TV Reviews & News Stories and opinions on TV's passing parade of shows and stars †. However if your stakeholder write long stories, each story would have a couple of features (if there is a good communication between the team and the stakeholders this won't happen since the team will break the stories into small ones).

How to write a good feature story
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Chapter 6: Writing the news story in simple steps