How to write a project update email

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Why the Weekly Status Update is Critical for Project Managers

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Write a Status Report That Your Team Will Love (with samples)

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Progress reports are used by a project team to update the donor or head office on the status of the project (for example, at the end of every quarter or 6 month period). So when you finish a task on the deadline, or even beforehand, it is best to write an email to your boss, to let him know the status of the project that you were entrusted with.

Since an email is the easiest way of providing project status to your boss, it is best that you use this medium to contact him or her. Abstract. One of the project manager’s key responsibilities is to be aware of the status of the project at any given time.

In order to do that, status meetings become a critical tool throughout the lifecycle of the project. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to write an effective status report. They can take many forms, of course, all the way from a quick, informal email update to a formal report following a prescribed template.

So what you’ll learn in this tutorial will be applicable to many different kinds of reports. Throughout your project, you’ll be communicating with backers and keeping them informed of your progress.

Project updates, your spotlight page, Kickstarter Live, and our messaging system will help you keep backers in the loop. Copied!

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How to write a project update email
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