Integration strategies intensive strategies diversification strategies defensive strategies

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Integration Strategies used in Businesses

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1 Types of Diversification

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SM 4 Strategies in Action

Types of Strategies• • • • Vertical Integration Strategies Intensive Strategies Diversification Strategies Defensive Strategies Types of. Strategic Management 5 Integrating Intuition and Integration Horizontal Integration intensive strategies Product Development diversification strategies Related Diversification Unrelated Diversification defensive strategies Retrenchment Divestiture Liquidation Strategies in Action.

Chapter 5 Chapter Overview • The value of establishing long-term objectives • Financial versus Strategic Objectives • Integration Strategies • Intensive Strategies • Diversification Strategies • Defensive Strategies • Michael Porter’s Five Generic Strategies. Levels of Strategies, Types of Strategies: Integration Strategies, Intensive Strategies, Diversification strategies, Defensive Strategies, Porter’s Generic strategies Mergers & Acquisitions Strategic Alliances Turnaround strategy Sustainability strategies, Networks.

Intensive Strategies The Nature of Long-Term Objectives Objectives should be - quantitative, measurable, realistic, understandable, challenging, hierarchical, obtainable, and congruent among organizational units.

Horizontal & Vertical Growth and Concentric Diversification

Study Marketing Management chapter 2 practice test flashcards taken from chapter 2 of the book Marketing Management. or horizontal integration within the industry is said to be employing a(n) _____ strategy. A) diversification growth B) intensive growth C) target growth An intensive growth strategy involving marketing current products.

Integration strategies intensive strategies diversification strategies defensive strategies
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SM 4 Strategies in Action - [PPT Powerpoint]